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Just Another PIC to motivate

Posted in 网络文章 on 七月 18, 2005 by maximliu
How to Study

• Learning efficiency pyramid is a good guideline
• Reading is necessary, but taken alone is not efficient
• Solving problems (“practice by doing”)
   – is much more efficient
   – examples, assignments, end-of-chapter problems

• Group discussions
  – help provided you contribute something
• Systematic study during the semester
  – is a key to a success.
  – do not leave everything to the last day/night before exams!
• Lectures
  – should be supplemented by the items above

安装RedHat ES 3.0 并顺利APT升级 : )

Posted in [Linux] on 七月 18, 2005 by maximliu
前几天重新安装了RedHat Enterprise Sever 3, 个人感觉安装过程比Debian简单, 安装界面非常直观, 几乎没有遇到什么问题就up and running了.  安装完以后一共大约2.5G(包括了源代码).
和以前一样, 升级问题一直困扰着我, 每次安装应用程序面对一堆dependency fails真是苦不堪言. RedHat也是够黑的, ES的升级服务竟然要上千美金一年, 难怪出了个CentOS(同样是面对企业级服务器的)和RH对着干.  看来RHN的up2date是没戏了. 于是尝试了原来属于debian的apt.
没想到啊没想到, apt用起来这么方便, 对conf文件稍微改变了一下, 直接就可以用了. 顺手升级了perl包和系统的库以及gaim. 下次有空用apt-get安装一个媒体播放器, 如果能刷刷的安装并能应用,那我就彻底服气了. 有机会再试试别的镜像, 原来的那个升级有点慢.
  • 升级kernl, 2.4到2.6;
  • 升级GCC 编译器;
  • 安装mplayer;
  • 配置ipchain, apache;
  • Linux from Scrach Project.

希望各位知道好的升级镜像的朋友给我留个言. 谢谢了! :)