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NSLU2 Project Log

Posted in Uncategorized on 四月 18, 2009 by maximliu
  • Flash CISCO NSLU2 firmware [DONE]
  • Install Debian Lenny on NSLU2 [DONE]
  • Apache2 server up & running [DONE]
  • Print Server with CUPS – administrated through HTTP on port 631 – printing test passed! [DONE]
  • Bittorrent Client is installed – rTorrent (CLI) [DONE]
    1. Using screen tool to detach rTorrent from console and CTRL+A+D to resume the session.
  • Install & configure VSFTPD on HomeServer [DONE]
    1. FTP server still needs to be properly configure in a more advanced way.
    2. Using as subsitute for SAMBA
  • Install NFS, mount home directory under my Notebook, which is running Ubuntu [DONE]
    1. edit /etc/fstab to mount the file system automatically by reboot
  • Install & configure SAMBA on HomeServer to enable file-sharing with Windows system [Pending]
  • Mount NTFS file system under Debian.[DONE]
  • Mount second external Disk.[DONE]
    1. Need a better case for the disk.
    2. Migrate old data somewhere.
    3. Format disk as ext3 file system.
  • Play with IP-Table as Packet-filter [Pending]
  • Version control system: CVS, Git or Subversion [Pending]
  • Over-clocking CPU from 133 to 266 [MAYBE]