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Posted in Entertainment on 五月 1, 2006 by maximliu
Motivation is just like gist of wind, it comes, it goes. It goes even quickly if you are submerged in tens of thousands of tasks and jobs which have nothing to do with your goal.
As graduate student, it maybe belongs to part of his life to cope with such daily chaos, i dont
know how many people out here are struggling to keep balance of his/her life or i just manage mine poorly. 
It is sometimes curious that your are so encouraged by things that you cannot define yourself, maybe a short story of others, maybe devotion of other scientists or maybe it is just dream of your own. You just have no idea how long it will keep you going further.
Known deeply that w/o motivation it wont work. What could i do, how could i do … how could you defend your another suggestion before others turn it down, how to find your ideal topic … million of questions comes to mind … i dont know.
Maybe this journey is a rewarding or maybe not. Everything could be much easier if there are just binary. 
Think …. and be sane